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Querem melhorar o video...? dicas a vontad

Gentee,texto revisado. Entrei c a proposta d Luandinha,mudei o q Josi falou e mais outras dicas q recebi =] Thx a lot. Será q ainda falta melhorar??

Hello, future host family!

My name is Alyne. I’m  years old.
I live in Bahia-Brasil with my mother.
I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, but they don’t  live with us anymore. Despite this, every weekend they visit us and It’s so nice because we can go to our greatgrandma’s house together.I really like to see my whole family together because it is so much fun.
The Aupair Program is perfect to me because I’m very adaptable, humorous, sociable and I really enjoy to be around kids and work with them you can see that through my work experience. Besides,  I’m am an undergraduate in a Portuguese and English  Language course so i need to improve my English.
I have so many experiences with children.
I’ve taken care of my yougest sister and some other children in the neighborhood 
I’m a volunteer in my University Daycare and toyroom.
I've worked in a school teaching kids
I’ve also worked at IberoStar Resort in Praia do Forte with lots of children including foreign ones
and I could get to know a  bit about different cultures of some places.
I think I would be a perfect macth for you because I can be like a big sister to your kids and I will do my best  to be  in harmony at your home. I’m a very respectable person and orginized.  I’ll do my best to do everything well.
Thank you for watching my video. I look farward to meeting you =]

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  1. Olá!!!
    Obrigada pelo seu comentário no meu blog...desculpa a demora para vir aqui...mas isso aqui está uma verdadeira loucura...
    Já estou te seguindo!!

  2. Gostei do modelo...
    Obrigada por passar no meu blog e estar me seguindo, quando for fazer o meu vô pedir umas dicas tbm inclusive pra ti,rsrsr

  3. Nossa...escrevi um post enorme e deu pau. Agora deu preguica de falar td novamente...depois eu volto blz? beijos

  4. Opa, gostei do roteiro do vídeo e de saber que você é daqui da Bahia. Bahia onde? Salvador?
    Beijão, mulher..